2023 Mid-Summer Update

Progress continues in the Kimberley Forest. Here’s an update on what’s been happening so far this summer.

  • Committee members attended the Beaver Valley BioBlitz and received two donation form requests
  • Snowshoe signs on the Bench trail have been replaced with red arrows
  • Work has started on a singletrack trail bypassing wet sections in the Spruce Loop
  • Flagging of a bypass trail on an unusable section of the original snowmobile trail below the shelter has started which will allow us to link Eezy Way to Midway
  • We are getting positive comments on the new Larch trail and the Sidehill bypass.
  • Grass cutting top and bottom trails has been ongoing thanks to Paul and Brian
  • Final approval for the new parking lot at Sideroad 4A and 7th Line is expected momentarily
  • Project management software is being acquired to assist in tracking of future projects
  • The Kimberley Forest Committee now has an email – you can reach us at info@kimberleyforest.ca