Strategic Plan


A sustainable trail experience in a healthy Kimberley Forest for the enjoyment of all, forever.


Under the stewardship of the community, creating and maintaining a sustainable, inclusive trail experience in a
healthy forest ecosystem, honouring the uniqueness of place and history, promoting education and
connectedness to nature for current and future generations.

Strategic Priorities

  1. Create a positive and sustainable trail experience
    • Design and deliver a master trail plan based on identified use to create a positive experience.
    • Optimize infrastructure to support the trail experience – parking, trailheads, washrooms, maps, boardwalks and bridges, signage, benches.
    • Develop and deliver a maintenance plan to uphold the trail experience.
  2. Protect the Kimberley Forest
    • Design and deliver a rehabilitation trail plan to protect and enhance the forest ecosystem.
    • Track trail usage to inform forest protection.
  3. Build trail awareness
    • Deliver a communications plan to build brand and trail awareness.
    • Leverage technology, publications and community events to reach out to existing and new audiences.
  4. Inspire giving
    • Deliver a fundraising plan to inspire giving.
    • Grow all sources of giving including memberships, donations, inspire giving and grants.
  5. Support people, community and culture
    • Deliver an engaging volunteer experience.
    • Build an inclusive environment and connections with our community, partners, stakeholders, trail users and supporters.
    • Create a culture of learning through educational programs and experiences.

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