New Mid-Level Bypass Trails

One of the primary goals of the Friends of the Kimberley Forest is to manage the Forest trail network in a sustainable manner.

This means looking at sections of trail and weighing the work required to rehabilitate the existing trail, versus the work required to establish a new route and allow Mother Nature to reclaim the original trail.

Members of the Friends of the Kimberley Forest have been working over the past few weeks to establish two new Bypass Trails on the mid-level of the Forest. The first of these, the M4 to 4A Bypass, has been established to avoid the original ATV track that goes directly down the fall line of the slope. The new trail should do a better job of managing water runoff, as well as creating a safer route for mixed user groups. The original M4 to 4A trail will remain open as a segment of the Bruce Trail’s Kimberley Forest Side Trail.

M4 to 4A Bypass

The second bypass is a short section of trail on the west side of what’s commonly referred to as “The Four Corners”. This new route avoids a section of the original doubletrack that is deeply scarred from years of runoff flowing through ruts directly down the fall line.

Bypass Route