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What activities are allowed in Kimberley Forest?

The Kimberley Forest is comprised primarily of Crown Land owned and managed by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF). Permitted activities on Crown Land include hiking, biking, cross-country skiing, bird watching, horseback riding, geocaching, and licensed hunting, fishing and trapping. However, there are portions of the forest owned by the Grey Sauble Conservation Authority and the Bruce Trail Commission where certain activities are restricted. Please visit our Activities page for more information.

In accordance with the MNRF’s Free Use Policy, all users of public land should be prepared to undertake their activities in an ecologically sound and socially responsible manner, while also accepting the risks associated with such activities.

Where can I park at Kimberley Forest?

The Friends of the Kimberley Forest are currently in discussion with the appropriate landowners to establish a designated parking area on the property. In the meantime, it is recommended that users park in one of Beaver Valley Ski Club’s upper parking lots to access the trails. If your only option is to park on the roadside, please pull as far as possible off the road, do not block the trailhead, do not block private driveways or access points, and park with consideration to sight lines and blind spots.

How can I access the Kimberley Forest trails?

There are a number of trailheads that provide access to the Kimberley Forest. Access points can be found on Sideroad 7A at The Bruce Trail, on 7th Line at The Wodehouse Karst Side Trail, at the north end of Windy Lane Drive, on Pioneer Drive at The Kimberley Forest Side Trail, and on Grey Road 30 at Sideroad 4A.

Where can I stay near Kimberley Forest?

There are an abundance of beautiful bed and breakfasts, hotels and vacation rentals in the area surrounding the Kimberley Forest. The Grey County Tourism website is a great resource for anyone looking for accommodation.

Can I camp or have a bonfire in Kimberley Forest?

Overnight camping and open flames are not permitted within the Kimberley Forest property.

Can I build my own trail in Kimberley Forest?

There is no “rogue” trail building allowed within the Kimberley Forest. The Friends of the Kimberley Forest hold a Memorandum of Understanding with the MNRF that allows us to maintain and rehabilitate the existing trail network, and also replace trails that are deemed unrecoverable. If you’re excited about trail building, contact us and get involved with one of our trail work days to find out how you can contribute to approved projects.

How can I contribute or get involved with the Kimberley Forest?

The Friends of the Kimberley Forest are a volunteer group that is 100% funded by community grants and private donations. If you’d like to volunteer your time or make a monetary contribution, details can be found on the Support page of our website.

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