The Kimberley Forest trails can be classified into three groups. The upper trails on the west side of the property are shared with the Beaver Valley Nordic Ski Club. These trails are located predominantly on flatter terrain, and wind their way through pastures and fields. The mid trails are located on the slopes of the Escarpment amongst the sugar maple forest. These trails were originally established for cross-country skiing more than 40 years ago, and contain steeper gradients and more natural features. The lower trails on the East side of the property are similar to the upper trails. These trails encircle the agricultural land adjacent to the Beaver River. A township road allowance for Grey Highlands Sideroad 4A runs East to West through all three sections of the forest.

Due to limited resources being available for maintenance, many of the trails are in need of repairs. Severe erosion has occurred on portions of the trails, especially on the mid trails where rain water and melting snow has turned small channels into deep ruts in the Escarpment topography. The Friends of the Kimberley Forest have identified the trails as an important community resource, and have entered into an agreement with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forests to manage, maintain and preserve these trails so they are able to serve many users and user groups for years to come.

Kimberley Forest mountain biking trails

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