Trail conditions in the Kimberley Forest will change based on day-to-day weather events and the time of year. We’ve listed some general guidelines below to help you reduce your impact on the trail network.

  • Trails are more vulnerable when wet. We recommend staying off the trails during or within 24 hours of rain.
  • Trails are most sensitive during the spring season as the weather shifts and the snow melts. Please limit your use of the trails at this time of year.
  • Rogue trail building is not permitted. All trail projects must be approved by the Friends of the Kimberley Forest.
May 7, 2024 – Variable spring conditions are prevalent throughout the forest. If you encounter a wet area, please stick to the trail to limit trail braiding.

Trail Conditions

Trail conditions are kept up to date when possible using the Trailforks website. Please note that the information you see on this page is crowd-sourced, and may not be accurate at the time of your visit. Please consider using Trailforks to add a conditions report following your visit to inform other users.

Local Weather


Submit Trail Report

Have you noticed an issue with the trails, or have an area of concern that you think should be addressed? Submit a Trail Report to be reviewed by our Trail Maintenance team.

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